Instagrams from Westtown

Living at a boarding school is different and there are a lot of things that are very normal for Jaxon but I don’t think our typical for most little boys. These instagrams represent some of the “normal” parts of our everyday life at boarding school.

Mail. It is a highlight of our day. Jaxon loves to open and close all the mail boxes and I love getting mail, especially the little card that says we have a package…

When we go for our walk in the stroller we have to take the elevator and we have to use a key to open it and choose a floor…it makes us feel special.

Sometimes our walks involve taking out the trash or recycling…not so fun

Our walks often end in the dining room where we grab an apple or banana (or both…I like to collect apples…)

Another favorite part of the day for Jaxon is watching the middle schoolers at recess

And sometimes there are other fun things to see…like a mini snow plow…

And that’s a little of what living at a boarding school is like…



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