50 Photos to take of Jaxon

People keep telling me “they grow up so fast” and I am already starting to feel it as the last 7 months have flown by. So I came up with 50 photos I want to capture of Jaxon, before he is three to help me remember the little things.

1-looking in a mirror
3-opening a present
4-with a pet
7-fallen asleep somewhere funny
8-blowing bubbles
9-eating cake on his birthday
10-at a sports event (Duck football game)
11-“driving” the car
12-feeding a barn animal
13-giving kisses
14-holding my hand
15-reading a story
16-brushing teeth
17-with a sparkler on 4th of July
18-by the Christmas tree
19-dressed up for Halloween
20-hugging a stuffed animal
21-eating an ice cream cone
23-in the snow (while it’s snowing)
24-jumping on the bed/couch
25-mother/son hug
26-playing in the mud/dirt
28-watching a movie
29-in just his diaper
30-with a balloon
31-playing a sport
32-in the leaves
33-getting a hair cut
34-self portrait
35-making a silly face
36-putting a band-aid on
37-taking a bath
38-cleaning up/”working”
39-in the stroller
40-in a grocery cart
41-talking on the phone
42-“using” the computer
43-tying/putting on shoes
44-on dad’s shoulders
45-wearing Converse
46-playing a hand game (i.e. patty cake)
49-working on a craft/making something
50-looking out the window

This would also make a good every year photo list that could be made into a book and given as a Christmas or birthday gift (for grandparents or your child…or both!), though some items might need to be updated to be more age appropriate as he grows up.  After I complete all 50 photos I’ll post them!


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